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Bespoke CNC machined accessories and fittings for air rifles, pistols and firearms. Mauser M98 bolt disassembly and de-cocking tool

This handy item is an essential accessory for all owners of Mauser M98 or K98 actioned rifles.

It is also suitable for Parker-Hale TX 1200 and Mauser G98 actions.

It enables you to safely de-cock the bolt when not in the action, allowing the mainspring to be in a relaxed state whilst the gun is stored in your gun cabinet and allows the bolt to be carried separately from the rifle during transport, thus increasing security.

It also enables  better storage of guns as the bolt handle is not taking up space in the gun cabinet.

The video below, shows how to  use the tool to de-cock  and Re-cock a Mauser bolt and strip the firing pin for maintenance An extra feature of this tool is the firing pin strip down function. This is located in the end cap and enables easy  disassembly of the firing pin for maintenance if  your rifle does not have  a firing pin dis-mount  Tube fitted in the stock. For pricing and delivery details, please contact me via the contact page.